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Dr Dina McMillan

Dr. Dina McMillan is a social psychologist, an internationally published author and a podcast host. She specializes in all types of interpersonal relationships as well as effective bias reduction.

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Simple, accessible and accurate, this series exposes the specific moves used by Abusers to lure in and trap their partners in toxic relationships. Find out how to recognize Abusers' ploys and tricks from the earliest stages of a new relationship, along with the crucial knowledge necessary to break free and stay safe. This is genuine domestic violence prevention - currently the only program in the world that details Abusers' devious manipulation tactics. Since 2007, Dr. Dina McMillan has been offering 'Unmasking the Abuser' as a series of workshops and seminars. Now she's offering this key knowledge online, free. This information is appropriate for ages 13 and above.

Dr Dina McMillan

Fascination with the Devil is a groundbreaking solution guide for women who fear - or know - they have bad taste in men. It offers simple advice to help you change the type of man you desire. Even better, it offers key tips to help you attract a healthier and more loving romantic partner.

Maybe you're still wondering if this book is for you.

When you read the book title, did the face of a certain man pop into your head?

Maybe more than one?

Was pain or deep disappointment a relentless feature in that relationship?

Do you lack that same intense chemistry with "nice guys" or emotionally available men who treat you well?

If you said yes to any of those questions, you're definitely in the right place.

The book isn't going to blame or shame you. Dr. Dina McMillan, a renowned social psychologist and relationship expert, explains how you learned to love this way.

She explores the tantalizing appeal of emotionally dangerous men: the relentless cheaters, bad boys, domineering controllers, commitment-phobic justifiers, and idealists addicted to that initial rush of infatuation. She offers simple advice to shatter their allure.

Don't give up hope. The answer isn't to force yourself to settle for someone you don't want, based on a list of qualities approved by other people.

Do you want to change what attracts you, in both your head and your heart? Are you finally ready to end your Fascination with the Devil?

Dr. Dina McMillan has appeared on stages all over the world, various podcasts, tv networks and news channels, discussing and advocating against domestic violence and the social shift required to expose abusers' methods and psychology.


Dr. Dina McMillan focuses on improving interpersonal relationships of all kinds. Her expertise in the areas of influence, persuasion, and manipulation have brought crucial new insights to the field of domestic abuse and violence, specifically in the areas of prevention and improved response. Her work also includes anti-bias and anti-racism training that sets itself apart. It’s informative, accurate, and inclusive, not divisive.


Dr. McMillan offers keynote speeches, lectures and seminars, interactive workshops, customized program development, organizational training, policy advice, personal consulting, and more. Please see the ‘Get Help’ tab for information on hiring Dr. McMillan for yourself or your organization.


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