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Online Courses

I often get requests for more information on social media, from my Unmasking the Abuser podcast audience, the people attending my workshops and seminars, and people I encounter casually.


I’ve decided to offer inexpensive online courses on some of the topics that get requested most often. These online courses will be similar to what you can take on sites like LinkedIn. They’ll vary in length from 30 minutes to one hour. If the subject is a little complicated, I’ll provide different levels of instruction, such as intro, intermediate and advanced.

​Each course will contain key insights gathered from the latest research as well as my own expertise after more than 20 years as a social psychologist and relationship expert. All online courses will include downloads with the fundamentals from the course ready for you to save or print out.

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Look at the following list of possible topics. Email me at with any subjects that interest you or simply complete the form below. There’s no obligation – it will just help me decide which courses to offer first. If you have an idea of something not listed, feel free to offer a suggestion. The courses will begin before the end of 2023.

  1. Ending your attraction to emotionally dangerous men – an important supplement to the final chapter in the book, Fascination with the Devil

  2. How to spot a True Alpha Male

  3. Circles of Intimacy: getting real insight on your personal relationships

  4. Will he change? Know if he’s ready to transform his life.

  5. Unmasking the Abuser: simple steps to avoid romantic manipulation.

  6. Reducing bias and increasing your critical thinking

  7. Simple secrets to make you a more attractive potential partner.

  8. Is he going to cheat on you? How you can know

  9. (Finally) moving out of the friend zone.

  10. Getting the ring: simple steps to get your man to commit


This will be your opportunity to learn something that’s important to you, at approximately the same cost as a movie and some popcorn.

The knowledge you gain will do more than entertain you for a few hours; it can change your life.

Select the course that interests you the most.

Thanks for registering your interest! Stay tuned for more.

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